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Pro Staff for Live the Wild Life TV Show with Gus Congemi

Tim Thomas

Timmy grew up hunting and fishing in Michigan. He now resides in Colorado and enjoys a challenge when it comes to his favorite piece of hunting equipment, which is his recurve bow. Timmy harvested a trophy Black Bear with his recurve a few years ago in northern Manitoba, Canada.  He has been a professional Hockey Player for the past 15 years, and has many achievements to his name.  He is a 2 time Vezina winner awarded to the NHL's best goalie, 2011 Stanley Cup Winner, and 2011 Conn Smythe winner.   He was selected to represent the US Olympic Team in 2010 in Vancouver.  He also has 4 All Star appearances, being the winning goalie of record for them all.  He is up for any challenge and will be a great addition to the Live the Wild Life Team.

Dennis Roberts

Dennis Roberts is an accomplished hunter and all around outdoorsman. He describes himself as being bitten by the hunting bug at an extremely early age. Having honed his skills in his youth by trapping, raising hunting hounds,  and spending countless hours studying the local deer on the dairy farm he worked on. It was during this time in his life that he began his life long obsession with the whitetail deer.These skills have served him well on his many hunts throughout North America's most remote locations. Currently, He is a pro staffer and cameraman for Live the Wild Life telivision show. When not hunting, Dennis can be found living on a farm in upstate New York where he works hard to pass on the outdoor lifestyle to his six year old son Hunter.

Cliff Enzor

I was born and raised in a state not known to big bucks. A state with the highest hunter population of 1.5 million strong. It's hard to hold out for a mature deer here in Michigan, but hunting here has taught me the patience and commitment it takes to find a mature deer. I can't say there's anywhere else I would rather be when October comes around. Live, Breathe, Hunt.

Troy Waterman

Troy is from Michigan and has been Hunting for over 30 years, whitetails are his passion and he believe's in preparation and shooting year round. He is also Owner/President of Moab Camo Dippingwww.moabhunting.com and facebook page http://www.facebook.com/moabhunting.  Camo Dipping is also called Hydrographic's...... Moab can dip bow's, guns, atv's, auto parts, skulls and many other items in various camo patterns.
*Troy is also instrumental in helping Hunting companies with Social Media through facebook or product promotion with video trailer's. He will be an all around asset to the Live the Wild Life Team

John Sullivan

Despite discovering bowhunting relatively late in life -- in his thirties -- John embraced the sport with a passion.  A general contractor from Westchester County, New York, he was drawn to bowhunting because of the adventure and challenge it provided.  In the past decade, John has traveled extensively throughout North America, enjoying the journeys he’s made as much as the hunting he’s done.  While he’s always happy to have a trophy to bring home, it’s the total experience of being out in nature and in the elements which holds so much appeal.  John brings an unbridled enthusiasm to the Live the Wild Life team, and every hunt with him definitely is an adventure, no matter what the location or the outcome.

Tim Peloso

Tim Peloso took up bowhunting in upstate new york at age 16. While in college in New Mexico a passion for elk hunting was developed Tim has bow hunted numerous species all across north America

Anthony Pennes

Anthony is the youngest pro-staffer on the Live the Wild team. Hailing from the Hudson Valley region of New York, this 16 year old hunter has proven himself in the field many times. From New York turkey to Wyoming prong-horn, Anthony has experienced thrills that any seasoned bow hunter would be jealous of. But being this accomplished at such a young age did not come easy. Anthony is battling a condition known as Spina Bifida, which affects his movement capabilities. This hasn’t slowed him down though, his dedication, determination, and love of the outdoors drives him to succeed where others wouldn’t even attempt.

Mike Gilbert

Mike is an outdoorsman by design. In his youth, Mike could always be found out in the woods of upstate New York. Later in life, Mike chose to answer the call of his country and joined the US Army. After serving in his time, Mike retired and applied his unique skills to living the outdoor life, and became an avid hunter. Mike has traveled across the country not only as a hunter, but as a cameraman as well.

Herb Krumwiede

Herb grew up in Northern Wisconsin and now lives in Colorado where he hunts a vast array of animals. Herb and his brothers have guided many successful hunts over the years. His true passion is hunting mountain lion with his hounds. Herb spends more time behind the camera than in front of it because he enjoys capturing the moment as much as being the hunter. Whether it's chasing a mountain lion through the foothills or hunting a bighorn sheep at 13,000 feet, you can count on Herb to be in the middle of the action to help us bring it to your living room.

Jackie Gillespie

Jackie Gillespie has been hunting ever since she picked up a bow 5 years ago. She has always loved the outdoors but did not start hunting until she met her boyfriend (Mike Leavitt). When she isn't in the outdoors she attends collage pursuing a degree in psychology.

Mike Leavitt

Mike Leavitt
Mike Leavitt has been bow/rifle hunting and guiding hunts for as long as he can remember growing up on his family run pheasant preserve. When he wasn't in the woods he was pursuing his career in Professional Motocross, racing for 20 years and professionally racing for 10.

Gus Congemi


A Drywall contractor by trade, Gus’ passion lies with the sport of Bow hunting. For 21 years, Gus has been an avid bow hunter. His hunting career began with his interest in being self-sufficient, and being able to harvest his own food. In his quest for big game and big adventure, Gus has been to 3 continents and traveled all across this great nation. It is Gus’ belief that bow hunting provides him with the ultimate challenge and he has become known and respected for his hunting ability. Gus brings with him the intensity and dedication necessary to achieve success in the field. Currently Gus is a Pro Staff member of several professional hunting companies representing world class hunting equipment and accessories, as well as Co-host of “Live the Wild Life” television show.